Made to Last

Sustainability is a debated concept, almost provocative to us, because it is much too often used without much substance.

A sustainable mindset is the foundation which our entire business is built upon.It’s not a trend or marketing concept to us – it’s a given.

It does not get more sustainable than buying a made to measure garment.

We are, if you will, the antagonist to so called fast fashion. Our main focus is to make pieces that last.

To achieve this we only work with fabric suppliers of the highest quality. We privilege natural durable fibers andadvise our clients the most suitable material, for a garment they will be able to wear for years, perhaps a lifetime and with a little care – be able to preserve for the next generation.

Everything here takes time and every detail is contemplated.It’s not difficult considering each garment is tailor made for our clients.

These in no excess, no overproduction or fashion cycle.

Another very important aspect of a sustainable wardrobe is to Only buy what you love

If you set yourself out to make a garment from scratch, in the fabric of your choice, the cut and details you prefer,perfectly made to your constitution and measurements – it requires contemplation, and most likely you will hold it dear.

You are more likely to want to care for it, mend it and perhaps even alter it throughout it’s lifespan.

Making a garment with us is a personal process, if you have a specific idea we will help you realise it,if you want style advise we are more than happy to assist.

(Perhaps to add)

Ardentes Clipei garments are handmade with strong attention to detail.We put craftmanship at the center …

We define sustainability/ this mindset by : …