Light blue Grenadine Silk Tie

Every season, your Ardentes Clipei boutique offers a selection of ties co-created with the Italian company Arcuri. The excellence of the Light blue Grenadine Silk Tie is measured by the quality of the fabric, the manufacturing and the attention to detail. Each tie is handmade in the Arcuri workshop in Calabria.

Made of silk, cashmere or wool, Arcuri ties are the ideal accessory to express your personality. Our selection consists of ties made from exceptional fabrics. These include jacquard, twill, silk grenadines and Madder Vintage Print.

The Collaboration between Arcuri and Ardentes Clipei

With twelve seamstresses, the workshop produces unique and expertly crafted sartorial ties. The entire tie-making process is carried out by hand using traditional practices.

When Romain was looking for potential suppliers when he created Ardentes Clipei, he was lucky enough to quickly come into contact with the Italian company Arcuri and its founder Franco Arcuri.

The cooperation between the two entrepreneurs worked immediately, as the identity of the houses is similar on one essential point: quality above all!

This is how the collaboration and friendship between the founders of Ardentes Clipei and Arcuri was born in 2015. Today, Arcuri is one of the main partners of the house for ties but also for scarves.

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