Black Fig Reed Diffuser

The Black Fig Reed Diffuser is produced from natural and artificial fragrance oils by P.F Candle Co. At Ardentes Clipei we particularly like this diffuser for its light spicy scent. It provides a gentle atmosphere with notes of evergreen, figs, and spices. The Black Fig diffuser provides a continuous scent throughout the day – no need for matches.

The entire P.F. collection is vegan, not tested on animals and phthalate-free. The company is committed to being as responsible as possible and condemns animal cruelty. In addition, all products are developed, produced, tested, packaged and shipped by the P.F Candle Co team from their warehouse in Los Angeles, California.

P.F Candle Co

The entire P.F. collection is vegan, cruelty-free, and phthalate-free — always. All candles are made with 100% domestically-grown soy wax, the soaps with plant-basted Castile soap. While production methods have improved over the years, something that hasn’t changed about P.F. products is the people behind them. All of the products are developed, produced, tested, packed, and shipped out of Los Angeles, CA.

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