Ardentes Clipei on Sustainability

The philosophy that underpins Ardentes Clipei is really very old school.

We value beautiful, long-lasting clothes that age with dignity and that you will want to take care of.

To achieve this we only work with fabric suppliers of the highest quality. We privilege natural durable fibres and advise our clients the most suitable material for their needs. We work closely with our suppliers for each individual order and take care of finishing and alterations in our own atelier in Paris.

Made-To-Measure is the cornerstone of our business, which means no excess manufacturing but well considered choices to create the ideal fit and character of your garment.

The process simply encourages a lasting relationship with your clothes, to care for, mend, alter if necessary and possibly pass them on. (Making a garment with us is a personal process, if you have a specific idea we will help you realise it, if you want style advice we are more than happy to assist.)

Ardent, the ready-to-wear extension of Ardentes Clipei, makes small collections of the same high quality pieces made to last and withstand seasonality.

The nature of our business is a durable garment that will accompany you for a long time.