We can meet, at your convenience, either in our showroom, at your home or in your office. During our session together, we will work to create a look for you that will reflect your tastes and desires and suit your body type and needs.

This may be a tailored coat, suit or shirt, to which we can add any of our many ready-to-wear accessories: umbrellas, ties, pocket squares, cufflinks or socks.

We can create clothing for all types of civil, religious or military ceremonies, as well as sportswear and travelling clothes.

For our bespoke tailored clothing, after selecting the fabric together from swatches provided by some of the best clothiers in the world, then choosing the cut and taking your measurements, your order will be sent to our Italian workshops and created by a small group of artisans in the best sartorial tradition.

It will take two weeks for a shirt and from three weeks to a month for a suit or a coat.

Our suits and coats are mostly sewn by hand; only a few seams and some of the picotage are machine-stitched. All finishing is hand-stitched (including buttonholes).

We will then meet again for a fitting, in order to check the drape of the garment on you and make any adjustments, so that we may then finish your outfit. You will receive your suit a week after this.

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